My name is Athanasios. This blog is an outgrowth of my endeavour to discover beauty, truth and honour. It is intended to deal primarily with my exploration of traditional Christianity, the humanities, and assorted political and cultural thought. My other blogs are miniature-art and civility-in-america.
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antonyofva replied to your post: Random Post #22: Moulding my spelling skills

Wjenndjdn I didn’t know this either. I spell it mould. I’m here with you, friend! Haha

rapid-apathy replied to your post: Random Post #22: Moulding my spelling skills

I’d say that dict. is very wrong!

I am happy I am not the only one who found this perplexing!

Sometimes I have to wonder about where dictionary-writers get their information.

  May 18th, 2013  

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