Random Post #22: Moulding my spelling skills

I am typing something and spellchecker keeps insisting that “mould” is not a word, which was perplexing me. So, I finally looked in the dictionary. Allegedly, “mold” is the normal American spelling, and “mould” is the normal British spelling. This claim is news to me. I have been speaking English all my life, and have always lived in the United States. I have always spelt the container that holds cooling liquid “mould”, and the fungi that grow on food “mold”. I am honestly shocked by the dictionary’s claims: both regarding “mould” being chiefly British, and regarding the container and the fungi being spelt the same. Have I really been spelling this word different than everyone around me and not noticing? Am I abnormal for using different spellings for different meanings?

How do you spell this word, and does your spelling vary according to meaning?

  1. pedestrian-palamite answered: I’ve always used the American spelling. I think I connected it with the verb “to mold”.
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    In Britain, both the fungus and the casting tool are “mould”.
  3. rapid-apathy answered: I’d say that dict. is very wrong!
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  • Posted: 18 May 2013